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Monica Fruit Advantage Testimonials
"Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry...has made such a difference in my work and my training..."
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Fruit Advantage Cherry Juice Customer Testimonials

Fruit Advantage is committed to promoting a healthy living and encourage and active lifestyle.

If you would like to share your story, please send us an email and tell us your story. Also, if you would like to include a digital photo of yourself, we'll publish your photo on our website.

"I've been taking Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry capsules for two years and it has made such a difference in my work and my training....I don't have time to worry about sore muscles and I want healthy joints.  I recommend it to all of my clients."

Monica M., Cadillac, MI, Certified Massage Therapist, personal trainer and tri-athlete


“I love the cherry prime. The tart cherry pills are for my mother so she can finish using the glucosamine she already has. Thanks again”

J. B. - Kamas, UT

 I find the capsules very easy to take and I have good results with my condition. I am still recommending you to everyone I know.”

A. U. - Poughkeepsie, NY

"I heard cherries were suppose to be good..., so I ordered a couple of bottles of your tart cherry capsules. Since taking your cherry capsules for two months, he has had no severe problem... I am sending for more. Thank you for such a good  product." 

P. Grau of New Jersey

"My mother was taking your cherry capsules since last summer and she told me about them during my Christmas visit to Traverse City. I immediately went out to the local store and bought 2 bottles. My mom, dad, sister and me are taking them....Thank you for such a good product."

 S. H. Canton, MI

"Prior to retirement I transcribed medical records full-time so I spent allot of time working my fingers to the bone, literally. I still work part-time transcribing medical records. However, since taking your cherry pills, I can now complete my work..."

Irene Y. Daytona, FL

"My dad received your cherry pills last week. After only two days of taking your cherry pills [he feels great]. He now tells his golf buddies about his great daughter and your cherry pills." 

Joanne G. Seattle, WA

"Since taking your cherry supplements, ... I cured myself. I believe prayer, diet, and your cherry supplements have put my body back on a healthy track. Since I am only 31 years old and the mother of a very active 2 year old, I need all of the energy I can get! Thank you for your quality product. I have shared your resources with many others!" 

Sincerely, Melanie B.

"I have been taking cherry juice for over a year...but, the acid sometimes upsets my stomach. I glad I switch to your product. The pain is gone and my stomach feels better."

Robert S. Ann Arbor, MI

"Thank you for your great customer service. We received our order at our new Florida address yesterday."

Judy Briggs, Key Largo, FL 

“Product (Fruit Advantage Wild Blueberry) works great.”
MJ. H. - Depew, NY

“My Dad was born in Boyne City, MI and I so miss Michigan tart cherries. Thank you for having a website. I will be placing more orders soon.
M. LV. - Oceano, CA

 “Please ship as soon as possible. A friend told me that Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry is a great product. I would sure like to put it to the test.”
B. W. - Oak Creek, WI

 “Did an on-line search for pomegranate...decided you had the best product.”
M. F. - Lebanon, CT

 “I have used the pomegranate concentrate, with very good results. I've heard that the capsules are even more effective. I'm giving them a try.”
J. G. - St. Charles, MI

“Used to have a lot of aches and pains and do not have any now.  I’ve almost finished my second bottle.  Thank you.”
Dr. G. L.

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Cherry Prime
Glucosamine, chondroitin
and tart cherry
Tart Cherry
Joint Formula
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Wild Blueberry
Brain Support

Heart Health

Fruit Advantage Women's Formula Cranberry Flaxseed  

Women's Formula
(cranberry and flaxseed)


Fruit Advantage Cherry Juice

100% pure tart cherry juice concentrate.

Approximately, 100 cherries per ounce. No added sugar. Sediment free guarantee.
Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Fruit Advantage Dried Fruit

Approximately 8 lbs. of fresh tart cherries to make 1lb of dried tart cherries Traverse Bay Dried Cherries
Official Tart Cherry Health Report
Fruit for a Healthy You Network Made in the USA

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